2017 CPC Mid-Season Tournament Results

  • These are the results of the 2017 CPC Mid-Summer Tournament. It was a great weekend, with very warm weather and a scorching sun. During the final day, barbecued burgers, hot dogs and beer were served all day.

    A total of 8 teams competed in a very friendly atmosphere. Next padel tournament will be in August.

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    Open Division

    Team 1- Richard Oppenheim – Paul Oppenheim Team 2- Gabor Illes – George Zajiczek Team 3- Jose Gutierrez – Angelo Stamile Team 4- Roberto Alongi – Bill Stamile Beginner / Intermediate Team A- Gary Deleeuw – Richard Sherback Team B- Mark Jonker – Zachary Jonker Team C- Darren Clark – Mike Leeds Team D- Steve Poupart – William Friedson Friday Night Matches 6:00 Team A vs Team D Team 1 vs Team 4 7:30 Team B vs Team C Team 2 vs Team 3 Saturday Matches 10:00 Team A vs Team C Team 1 vs Team 3 11:30 Team C vs Team D Team 1 vs Team 2 1:00 Team A vs Team B Team 3 vs Team 4 2:30 Team B vs Team D Team 2 vs Team 4 4:00 Open – 3rd vs 4th B / I – 3rd vs 4th
  • 5:30 Open – 1St vs 2nd B / I – 1 st vs 2nd After the games: Party Time !!!