FREE PADEL LESSONS at Calgary Padel Club

Andres Stamile teaching Padel


Do you want to improve your padel?  We have FREE INTRODUCTORY PADEL LESSONS every Saturday provided by Certified Padel Instructors (unless there is a scheduled weekend tournament).  Please sign up by Wednesday at 6:00 PM.  The lesson format is the same as for all of our other events:  HAVE FUN, FUN, FUN!  Come out, you will have a great time and learn some padel!

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The padel lessons are part or our Padel Calgary Initiative, we want Calgary to play padel!

Everyone is welcome to join, and players of every level will benefit.  You will learn the stroke fundamentals for the forehand, backhand, the volley and the smash.  You will also get to hit more shots than you can shake your padel at!  The topic of playing the ball off the walls will be addressed and practiced.  After that, we’ll play some games specially designed to practice what we learned, while having fun playing.

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Some strategy will be covered, items like where to stand on the court in various circumstances during a game, and how to take over the net in order to destroy your opponent!  See our section on PADEL STRATEGY.

Padel Rules