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padel club


(A) To grow and promote the sport of Padel and primarily by encouraging participation of children, youth and young adults.
(B) To develop and run a multitude of programs to serve family members of all ages and athletic abilities to promote a healthier lifestyle.
(C) To establish and maintain player rankings in accordance to international norms.
(D) Publish official bulletins and web posts.
(E) To improve the skill and technical knowledge of Players, Coaches, Managers, Trainers and Officials in Calgary and Alberta.


PADEL CALGARY is an initiative started by the Calgary Padel Club. The goal is to get the word out. There is a new game in town, and it’s called PADEL!


Do you want to improve your padel? We have FREE INTRODUCTORY PADEL LESSONS every Saturday provided by Certified Padel Instructors (unless there is a scheduled weekend tournament). Please sign up by Wednesday at 6:00 PM. The lesson format is the same as for all of our other events: HAVE FUN, FUN, FUN! Come out, you will have a great time and learn some padel!


We are a FUN, FUN, FUN club, with many members and lots of people to play Padel with. We are not a members only club, we want everyone to play Padel. Come to one of our drop-in nights and you’ll see. Practically no waiting around and everyone gets to play!

Together we