Let’s Play Padel!

2023 PADEL Founders Cup

THE 2023 PADEL FOUNDERS CUP is coming in August!  Final rounds will be played INDOORS and will be televised.  Sign-up now:   info@calgarypadel.ca



Our courts are open, come out to play!

2023 CPC Membership fees to increase to help with revenue in order to support members in creating new methods of further revenue generation while increasing our programming and keeping the existing equipment in good working condition and appearance.

E-transfer dues to: info@calgarypadel.ca

Single person: $90 for non-GCA-member or $65 for GCA member
Couple rate:     $110 for non-members or $85 for GCA members
Family rate:      $120 for non-members or $95 for GCA members
Junior rate:      $25 for non-member or Free for GCA member

Student rate:    $35 for non-member or Free $10 for GCA member

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Play Padel at the Calgary Padel Club!

The Calgary Padel Club is the best place to play Padel in Canada!  And the only place where you can find certified Padel instructors! Our main goal is to help develop the sport of Padel in Canada. If you are new to Padel, just come out, you’ll have a blast. We have friendly people to play and socialize with, have loaner Padels and balls, everything you need to start playing Padel right now.  We encourage tennis players, squash players, racket sports players in general to come and try this great sport.


The Calgary Padel Club is located in the Glenbrook Community, at 3524 – 45th Street S.W

We have a full clubhouse with dressing room and washrooms.  The lights at the Padel courts are on until 10:00 PM.

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The 2019 Stamile Founders Cup is an annual event held at the Calgary Padel Club in honor of Bill and Angelo Stamile for bringing the game of Padel to Canada and working hard for many years to make it a huge success.  From the left, Dana, Andres, Bill, Juan, Ezequiel.


This is how Padel started:
The video is in Spanish, but Enrique is basically saying they had a small space in the backyard about 10m x 20m, too small for tennis…

Padel Rules

Discussion over a line call

For those occasions when you need to resolve an on court debate over a point, we offer our Rules of Padel and some convenient Q&A.

A Tribute to Bill Stamile

Sr. Member of the International Padel Federation Board of Directors
(Founder of Padel in Canada)

Bill Stamile is the founding father and the biggest promoter of the sport of Padel in Canada.
Padel would not be played in Canada today were it not for Bill’s relentless persistence and sheer will to keep our game alive that at times were against all odds and often single handedly.
Read more about Bill Stamile…

A Place for Fun and Camaraderie

Padel is a fun sport that can be played by everyone. If you’ve ever played tennis, squash or any other racket sport, you’ll have no problem playing Padel… and we know you’ll love it!

Padel in Calgary Men's doubles at Calgary Padel Club

Play PADEL till the cows come home!

You will play more Padel that you ever hoped at the Calgary Padel Club. Just come to the drop-in nights or weekend events and play!  There are always lots of people to play with, and you’ll mix and mingle. Even when the courts are very busy, our maximum wait time is only about 30 minutes. Our Padel courts have excellent lighting and a synthetic surface that is very forgiving for the joints and back.  The lighting system allows us to play late into the night.

A mixed doubles padel game

Newcomers are Very Welcome!

For the newcomers, we have loaner Padels and we set you up with other players so you can start playing right away.  We offer complimentary Padel lessons every Saturday, provided by Certified Padel Instructors.

Teamwork in padel, covering the center

Get in Shape Having FUN!

Padel is a fun aerobic workout for the whole family.  If you have an expensive gym membership, but you have to drag yourself to go, or that tough aerobics class… just forget about that and come to play PADEL. For a ridiculous low membership price you’ll have so much FUN and you won’t even know you are working out. Come to the club and try it out! Find out what this great sport is all about.

 Buy your PADEL now!

We have Top Brand Padels for sale. We worked out special deals and we are passing on the savings to you.  Send us an email if you are interested.

Our Padel Training Videos
Padel Calgary

Andres Stamile, Certified Padel Pro and Coach, shows us how to play the various shots in Padel through his series of short videos.

Learn Padel Strategy

Padel Calgary

We put together some important basic Padel strategy tips to help beginners and intermediate players develop their game.  We are constantly updating the guide and we accept suggestions for additional topics that we could cover.  See the PADEL STRATEGY AND TECHNIQUES guide…

Canadian Padel Federation, Continental American Padel Federation and American Padel Tour

CPC follows all rules and objectives of the Canada Padel Federation to help grow and promote the sport of PADEL in Canada. The CPF website is canadapadel.ca.  The CPF is an active member of the Continental American Padel Federation (CAPF) and the American Padel Tour (APT).

The Padel Federation gets an award

February, 2018 – The photo shows Bill Stamile when he served as Sr. Vice President of the International Padel Federation. The group was receiving a major milestone achievement for the FIP.  Official Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) Observer Award in Switzerland.

Proud Members of

Thank you Canada Padel Federation
for all your work and effort to bring Canadian Padel together as one force. We at the Calgary Padel Club are thrilled to be affiliated with you and will continue to work and collaborate with all our Padel friends and enthusiasts across our country.
Go Canada Go!

Canada Padel Federation