PADEL CALGARY is an initiative started by the Calgary Padel Club.


The goal is to get the word out.  There is a new game in town, and it’s called PADEL!

Where to Play in Calgary

There is also a great place in Calgary to play padel, that is the Calgary Padel Club. Our facilities include two new padel courts equipped with lights that stay on until 10:00 PM every day.  We have a full club house with dressing rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.  We have lots of padel players of every level, and also offer free padel lessons provided by our certified padel coaches.

New in Canada

Padel is currently a relative unknown sport in Canada, but many countries are experiencing the PADEL revolution. New padel courts are popping up everywhere.

It is safe to assume that in due time, Canada will follow.

Tennis and Squash Players Love it!

Many tennis and squash players also play padel, and many of them prefer padel over sports that they have been playing for many years.  Most of the tennis professionals play PADEL, check out this video, see Djokovic playing padel.  The game of padel is very exciting, it provides longer rallies and a chance to hit a lot of volleys and overheads. It’s social, and truly a lot of FUN.

Start Playing PADEL Today!

That’s why the time to get into padel is now!  Find out now what you have been missing.  Learn about Padel in Calgary, just send us an email:


Padel Calgary Padelers Stories

PADEL CALGARY Initiative by the Calgary Padel Club (Learn about the Padel Calgary Initiative) PADEL CALGARY STORIES They are stories, by everyday people who found

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