* Less physical effort is required than in tennis or squash

* Longer rallies due to the small size of the court and walls

* More time playing and less time picking up balls

* Rallies are incredibly fun for players

Padel offers 50 minutes of real game per hour, versus only 15 minutes of real game for tennis!


* Players learn how to play relatively quickly and improve fast. We can play immediately!
* The point starts with a serve underhanded which is an easy shot to make and to return
* There are two chances to hit the ball, before and after the walls
* The racquet is very easy to handle

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, everyone can have fun playing padel!


* It’s a team sport, only played in doubles
* Having 4 people at the same time on a small court brings everyone closer, making social conversation between players a much more integral part of the game
* It’s an entertaining sport to play and to watch

It is an intergenerational game, in which grand-parents can play with parents and kids, and everyone can have fun together.


Come out to play!

Come to one of our open play days. Even if you’ve never played padel before, or if you’ve tried to play tennis, or other racket sports and failed miserably, you’ll discover that padel is for you!

Join our growing group of members for only $35 per year (30% off our regular membership rates) including or drop-in nightssocial events, tournaments, free clinics and unlimited play.

Play at Calgary Padel Club, the best padel club in Alberta!

Call us at 587-351-3501

You can also email us at:

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Padel Strategy and Techniques


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