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They are stories, by everyday people who found PADEL in Calgary or anywhere in the world, some just by accident, and now LOVE IT!

Starting a new sport is a difficult choice for most.  The sport of PADEL is relatively new, but in many Countries it’s taking over in a big way. Padel is already huge in Argentina and Spain.  In the USA, Padel is growing at a fast pace, and courts are popping up all over.  It’s only logical to assume that Canada will follow soon.

Who are the People that Love PADEL?

People that are open minded, curious, and willing to find out what this craze is all about will discover a fantastic new sport.  However, those that are set in their own ways, and not the type to expand their horizons, will fail to understand the beauty of the game of PADEL.

We created this blog so people can share with us their stories on how they learned about padel and their road to become PADEL LOVERS!!


Calgary Padel Club = FUN FUN FUN + PLAY PLAY PLAY

PADEL is a wonderful sport, and playing padel is a lot of FUN.

However, it’s no fun if when you go to your club and you can’t find anyone to play or nobody wants to play with you.  That’s why at the Calgary Padel Club we make sure you have FUN, FUN, FUN and you PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, and you get started playing padel as soon as you get there.  No need to pre-arrange a game, or wonder if there would be anyone there to play against.  No need to bring a padel or balls, just come down on our drop-in days and bring your runners.  We’ll also give you a quick introduction, and we have FREE PADEL LESSONS on Saturdays.  This is what our Club is all about, you come down, and you PLAY PADEL until the cows come home (or later as we have lights on our courts until 10:00 PM).

Let us show you!  We want everyone to learn PADEL, and fall in love with it.  This is our main goal.

Tell Us Your Story!

We would love to hear from you, tell us your story, good or bad, and include a photo if you want.  We’ll post it here for others to read.  We may use your first name or nickname on the Blog, or keep it anonymous; as you wish.  Send us an email at:



Sep 2017
Novak Djokovic
Belgrade, Serbia

“Hi guys, it’s Novak, you know I’ve been playing tennis for the longest time, I was No. 1, then I got bored.  I discovered PADEL and I love it!  I play against the best World Padel Tour players. I’m awesome at volleys and smashes, as usual, but as you’ll see in the video, I still have some trouble with wall shots…
Watch me playing PADEL against Sanyo and Paquito!”


Sep 2017
Roland R.
Vancouver, Canada

“I was having trouble with my knees playing tennis on a hard surface. I started playing padel at the Calgary Padel Club, and I found the surface more forgiving. I play padel for many hours straight, and my knees feel great. My back pain is just about gone, I think the tennis serve was doing a number on it!”


Sep 2017
Irulas S.
(unknown location)

“I enjoy play paddle tennis, and don’t know plattform tennis, thanks for the post, it’s great!!”


Aug 2017
John A.
Calgary, Canada

“Thank you for your tips on the tray smash. I was having lots of problems getting to the lobs. I read your recommendations carefully and practiced them. My tray smash feels really good now, and I can get back fast. I haven’t mastered the jump yet, my timing is still off, but I’ll keep trying.”


August 2017
Norman P.
Calgary, Canada

“I found Padel in Calgary by accident.  After playing tennis for many years, my first reaction was to look down on this apparently silly sport of padel.  After all, a much smaller court, and underhand serves?  Well, that looked wimpy.  It was like some leisure ball game you play at the beach to pass the time.  It felt I would be able to destroy anyone, being used to the big game and all.  Surely that was going to be an overwhelming advantage.  Even if the weapon of my tennis serve was gone, the power of my heavy topspin would cause some major damage. Well, I gave it a go since I had nothing else to do, just like deciding to play a game of ping-pong over a beer.  I started lethargically pushing the ball. Let’s just say that immediately I a felt a wake-up call.  All the confidence I had before disintegrated in a second!  My first problem was the back wall.  Not having played a lot of squash, the walls felt like foreign objects. I came to the realization that just because a ball had gone by me, it didn’t mean that the point was over.  In fact if I just had turned around I would have seen that the ball was back near me again, waiting to be hit!  To make things worse, heavy topspin didn’t help, sure it was fast, but after bouncing off the back wall it made the ball sit high enough that I was getting killed.  Under spin seemed to work better.  Now that I understand that control is the name of the game, and that I have somewhat learned how to use the walls, the game is a lot of fun, and I can say it’s a lot more fun than tennis.  The rallies are very intense, last longer and I get a lot more hits.  Knowing tennis does provide a big advantage, but there is a learning curve that may deter some.  Careful!… this game is very addicting!  My tennis buddies keep calling me, but I am busy playing PADEL every day.”



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