As a reminder, the Glenbrook Association has allocated specific days/times exclusive for Calgary Padel Club members.  All other days/times will be shared between CPC members,  community members and Pickleball players (although the odds are good that we won’t cross too much with anyone else).

CPC EXCLUSIVE DAYS/TIMES: Court 1 (West):  Monday to Thursday 6pm to 10pm Court 2 (East):  Tuesday and Thursday 6pm- to 10pm Courts 1 & 2:      Saturday- from 9-10 is for new players, from 10 to 11 is novice lessons and from 11 to 12 is intermediate lessons followed by all day booking. Fridays and Sundays are available to CPC members and the all members of the Glenbrook Community Association on a first come first serve drop-in basis.  CPC members can still book a court.  If there is a conflict with other players already on the court, they have to follow the time playing rules that will be published at the courts. The sign will indicate that in the event that people show up to play, any players that may already be using the court will have an extra 30 minutes of play.  The play slots are 45 minutes when there are people waiting to play.

Booking times available are shown on the Weekly Calendar:


Book a court at the Calgary Padel Club using the Skedda booking system.

  1. Select the court and the length of the playing time (usually 1.5 hours)
  2. The next screen will ask you to create an account with the Skedda system.
  3. After that the booking detail sheet loads. In the “Booking Title” field enter the names of the other players for your booking.
  4. Hit “Confirm booking” and you are done!
  5. You will receive a confirmation email.


To view names and details of other court bookings you need to sign-in to your Skedda account.

*Court Bookings are only allowed for CPC members