Dana Palessen – Athlete of the Week

2018 Stamile Padel Founders Cup Final

Watch this video showing padel action from the grand final of the 2018 Stamile Padel Founders Cup.  This is the first annual event organized by the Calgary Padel Club in honor of Bill and Angelo Stamile, the founders of the sport of padel in Canada. This match features Bill’s son, Andres Stamile, Canada’s No. 1 ranked padel player, also head pro at the Calgary Padel Club.

Padel Court Dismantling for the Winter

See how we take down our two courts in two hours flat, without compromising safety.


Padel Court Assembly for the Summer

We do it over and over every year, and after that, we play padel all night.


Video:  CTV Athlete of the Week

Video:  CTV Glenbrook Padel and Sports Complex


Video:  Live Entertainment at CPC Round Robin and BBQ

William sings beautiful song playing some weird Peruvian instrument!  Nice!

Video:  CTV Athlete of the Week

Andres Stamile

See the No.1 padel player in Canada in action. He is from the Calgary Padel Club. His amazing story is narrated on this CTV Player of the Week video.


Video: 2017 World Junior Padel Championships

October 2017, Malaga, Spain

Video:  World Padel Championships Calgary 2008

See how our Calgary team represented Canada and placed third in the World.


Video:  Open Play Night at Calgary Padel Club

Video from July 18, 2o17 at Open Play Night. Watch our member truly having a good time playing padel!


Video:  Introduction to Padel in Canada


CPC MidSummer Tournament Final


Video:  Padel World Open Mexico 2010



Video:  Some of the best plays in Padel

This video shows some amazing games played


Video:  Novak Djokovic playing PADEL!

Many of the ATP tennis professionals play Padel! This video shows world #1 at the time Djokovic playing some great padel with the top World Padel Tour players.