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Grace helps herself to a full plate at the Food Extravaganza
Padel Calgary
People enjoying the Calgary Padel Club Food Extravaganza!
Canada Padel Federation Logo
Photo of the Seafood Paella
Andres Stamile, President Calgary Padel Club
Padel Founders Cup
Best dressed player
The Padel Federation gets an award
Bill Smith Candidate For Mayour
Canadian Padel Federation, Continental American Padel Federation and American Padel Tour
Spaniards playing padel in Calgary
Padel Tournament in calgary
Player ready as his partner is serving during padel game
Padel Calgary Tournament
Padel Calgary
Padel Calgary Tournament
Tough return near the net
Padel Calgary Tournament
Players ready to serve during padel match
Padel Calgary
Play Padel come to Calgary Padel Club