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The Calgary Padel Club

We are a FUN, FUN, FUN club, with many members and lots of people to play padel with. We are not a members only club, we want everyone to play padel. Come to one of our drop-in nights and you’ll see.  Practically no waiting around and everyone gets to play!  We always have barbecues, and many social events.  We also have certified padel instructors.  We do have a lot of FUN playing padel, but at the same time we are serious about providing the necessary padel instruction to everyone. To this end, we offer free padel lessons every Saturday as well as other beginner to advanced personal development programs.

You can Always get a GAME!

When you join the Calgary Padel Club you’ll play more padel than you can handle.  No waiting around to find people to play with, our members PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!

There are at least 4 ways to do it:

  1. Come to our Drop-in Nights – You’ll play padel till 10:00 PM.  A lot of people to play with, eager to play with you, they will always include you, nobody is left to sit by themselves, and you never lose your turn.
  2. Come to our Saturday Round Robin and BBQ – Round Robin play, a delicious BBQ for only 5 bucks, and then… play some more!  The day is young… nobody wants to go home.
  3. Arrange your own games. Just send a What’s App message and you’ll get lots of replies, once you have your first 3 replies you are set to go.
  4. Play in our Tournaments.  You’ll have two days of FUN competition and play padel until you drop. Anyone can enter. For a mere ten dollar entry fee we usually guarantee at least 4 matches!

Our Objectives

(A)  To grow and promote the sport of Padel and primarily by encouraging participation of children, youth and young adults.

(B)  To develop and run a multitude of programs to serve family members of all ages and athletic abilities to promote a healthier lifestyle.

(C)   To promote the sport of Padel through its members and to the public at large and to encourage and develop the widest participation and highest proficiency in Padel in Calgary and Alberta.

(D)  To establish and maintain player rankings in accordance to international norms.

(E)   Publish official bulletins and web posts.

(F)   To improve the skill and technical knowledge of Players, Coaches, Managers, Trainers and Officials in Calgary and Alberta.

But more than anything, we want everyone to play as much PADEL as humanly possible!… have tons of FUN, while getting in shape and also developing long lasting friendships.



Meet the Team

These are our top club officials who work very hard to develop the game of padel in Calgary.


Gábor Illés

Departing Presidente

And also an avid padel player!

Co-coached the Boys National Team at 2009 World Championships.
Attended 3 World Championships and 2 Juniors World Championships.
Member of the 2008 World Championships Organizing Committee (played in Calgary).
Padel lessons Canada

Andres Stamile

Certified Padel Pro and Coach
Coached Ladies National Team 2008 World Championships in Calgary
(placed 5th)
Player/Coach Boys National Team 2009 Junior World Championships
(placed 3rd, which in itself is an incredible feat!)
Padel Calgary

Gord Leach


Plays and coaches padel.

Also a Boston Red Sox fan!